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Black Routes

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As you know from being on the piste these are the most challenging of the runs for our sports cars. You will have to keep focused on these ones because there will be views on either side of you but there will be some hairpins somewhere in front of you. We suggest you practice on some Amber routes before you try these.

A classic example of this road is the A39 between Blackmoor Gate and Lynmouth via Watersmeet.

You will find yourself skirting the top edge of a valley followed by being plunged into a twisty gorge with rivers and cliffs on either side eventually squeezing you out to catch you breath at Lynmouth.

Lots of attention needed, but lots of entertainment.

Map View

Blackmoor Gate and Lynmouth via Watersmeet map view

Terrain View

Blackmoor Gate and Lynmouth via Watersmeet terrain view

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