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Emission Possible - Sportscar Rental - For Sale MG Rv8 Woodcote Green
  • Make: MG
  • Model: rv8
  • Type: 2 Seater Convertible
  • 0-60 mph/0 - 100kph: 5.9 sec
  • 0-100 m.p.h: ? sec
  • Max speed: 135 mph
  • Torque: 318 nm @ 3200rpm
  • Engine Capacity: 3950 cc
  • Cylinder Formation: 90*v8
  • Max Power: 190 bhp @ 4750rpm
  • Fuel: Unleaded 95ron
  • Fuel Capacity: 51 litres
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual
  • Fuel System: Lucas Multipoint Fuel injection


  • 6 cd radio/cassette player
  • Air conditioning
  • Full leather interior with Elm Burr trim

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For Sale MG Rv8 Woodcote Green For Sale MG Rv8 Woodcote Green For Sale MG Rv8 Woodcote Green For Sale MG Rv8 Woodcote Green

MG Rv8 Woodcote Green

FOR SALE - £13,995 OVNO

This is an excellent example of the rare MG RV8. Only 11,500 miles from new, brand new carbon fibre windscreen surround.

All elm burr veneer excellent, all alloy wheels excellent, Hood excellent, rear screen & zip excellent.

Stainless Steel luggage Rack inc. worth £285. Speedo profesionally converted to mph, tonneau cover, flare & original tools & books all present.

Front tyres brand new, rear tyres & spare hardly worn. Air Con & 6cd radio cassette.

M.O.T'd until nov 2010 NEVER BEEN ON HIRE.

Please contact us for details.

Project ADDER.

The MG B was the greatest selling sports car of all time and for many years MG had not produced a roadster in true MG style. MG undertook an extensive survey to establish the publics perception of the MG badge. MG concluded that the MG name still had huge potential and put together a group of specialists to reinvent the MG sports car.

Eventually an all new roadster would be produced, but to wet the appetite a limited production of 2000 Modernised Beefed up MGB's were to be produced. Work started on reworking an MGB heritage shell and original hardware yet on completion only 5% of the original parts remained. Initial tests on the first prototypes were very encouraging, particularly in the front and rear crash testing, and only minor modifications were needed.

The RV8 was completed and went on sale in '93 with 1500 being snapped up by customers in Japan and the rest being sold in the U.K. and Europe.


Many 'experts' have criticised the RV8 for its lack of power steering anc choice of suspension but most believe they are missing the point of the RV8, which was to retain the classic roadster feel combined with modern refinements and reliability. Fortunately in fitting the latest tyres and up rated dampers produced by Spax and Koni any such discrepancies have been resolved on most RV8's and steering is now light and positive and, combined with the the deeply padded leather seats, comfort is excellent. On top of this there is no mistaking the cars power and torque. With almost 4 litres of v8 injection through a 5 speed Range Rover gearbox pulling power in any gear is first rate. So if you fancy a car with grunt, classic good looks luxury and reliability, the RV8s for you.