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  • Make: TVR
  • Model: Chimaera 400
  • Type: Targa/convertable
  • 0-60 mph/0 - 100kph: 4.7 secs
  • 0-100 m.p.h: 12.5 secs
  • Max speed: 152 mph
  • Torque: 270lb/ft
  • Engine Capacity: 3995cc
  • Cylinder Formation: V8
  • Max Power: 240 bhp
  • Fuel: Unleaded 97ron
  • Fuel Capacity: 57ltrs
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual
  • Fuel System: Multipoint injection


  • Power steering
  • Stereo 6 cd/Radio
  • Leather and wood burr interior

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TVR Chimaera TVR Chimaera TVR Chimaera TVR Chimaera TVR Chimaera TVR Chimaera TVR Chimaera TVR Chimaera

TVR Chimaera

Available from 1st June 2011.

The name Chimaera was derived from Chimaera, a monstrous creature of Greek mythology, which was made of the parts of multiple animals and this car is definitely an animal.

It first appeared in 1993 and was designed to be more of a GT car than its sibling the TVR Griffith.

Although it shares much of the chassis and mechanicals with the Griffith, it features a larger boot and slightly softer suspension.

In 1994 both the Chimaera and Griffith 500 switched to a Borg Warner T5 gearbox.

Then in 1996 the TVR Chimaera received a minor facelift, the front end becoming more like that of the Cerbera. The mesh grille was removed and a horizontal split added across the grille space and indicator.


This TVR Chimaera is jam packed with the stuff. The interior is a perfect blend of traditional wood and leather with a subtle dash of brushed alloy and colour trim.

With firm but not harsh suspension crusing is effortless and yet when cornering all is under control.

But the best bit is definitly the noise, the exhaust note has got to be one of the all time greats and you will want to keep playing it time and time again.

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